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hd_winrar_icon_by_rhubarb_leaf-d523xqoWinRar is a file compressor that allows you to compress any file from your pc, reducing its size. Ideal for those who want to save physical or virtual disk space. Especially if it's virtual because most of them have limits and you do not have all the space in the world to store your files. So the more compacted they are, the more space you can save.

With Winrar you can do this efficiently. Winrar is the most used file compressor, for this and other reasons it is a very good software that every pc user needs to have it installed.

To install Winrar click one of the options just below.

Version File Size System Language
5.40 2 Mb Windows x86 EnglishDownload
5.402 MbWindows x64EnglishDownload
For other systems and idioms click here

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