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How-to-Keep-Your-uTorrent-Ad-Free-2Utorrent is a torrent manager that is widely used for downloads. One of the most popular among Internet users whose popularity lives up to its efficiency. For those of you who want to download large quantities of mass files like music, movies, games and software, I recommend downloading UTorrent. If you have any questions about the installation, here's a video explaining how to download it to your Windows computer.

Lightweight, easy to use and efficient

Utorrent is a program that takes up little space on your hard disk and allows you to download practically what you want: Movies, heavier software, music, e-books. And best of all this: You do not need to stay with the program activated, consuming bandwidth while you do something else on the internet. You can close the application and when you are not using your internet you activate Utorrent again and it continues all your downloads from where they were stopped. Is not that fantastic !? Below you will find the download options. Download Utorrent and be happy.













For you who are thinking about using Utorrent I will give you an incredible tip that I learned. If you have a slow connection, Whenever you are downloading something with Utorrent, create a scheduled task in Windows to activate Utorrent every time the computer is idle. So when you leave the front of your PC and forget to activate Utorrent the computer will do this automatically by continuing all your downloads.

This tip is very useful for anyone who always leaves the computer idle and forgets to activate Utorrent to continue the downloads.

How to download and use Utorrent

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