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Balabolka is a similar software to Loquendo used to convert text to speech. The famous TTS for those who still do not know. For it to work you will also need the voices that are installed separately on your computer, in this case with Windows. Here are two languages available for installation: The Portuguese in Brazil with the voices of Felipe and Fernanda and UK English with the voices of Daniel. Prior to installation or download you can test these voices online by accessing the Oddcast site. This site has many languages, and various interpretations for each language and you can analyze each one which best fits into your needs. To download the Balabolka and voices, click the download options below.

Name Balabolka
File Size11 Mb
System Windows
 DownloadIf the dowload does not start Click here

For Balabolka to work properly, you must also install the Loquendo TTS Engine, because without it you will have trouble converting your text to voice. To download click the download option below.

Name 1. Loquendo TTS 7 Engine Full (7.5.0)
File Size15,2 Mb
System Windows



Playlist (Examples)




Daniel English United Kingdom Download
Emily English United Kingdom Download
Paul English United States Download
Jennifer English United States Download | Alternative
Tom English United States Download | Alternative
Felipe Portuguese Brazil Download
Fernanda Portuguese Brazil Download
You can visit the official website of Balabolka software and check if it has a newer version of software available for download. Visit the site by clicking here.

How to download and install Balabolka

Friends, I will stop here. Good luck with the installation. If you have problems write in comment below and, if it worked, comment also to tell us how was your experience because your comment can help other users. Thank you!!!

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  1. hola me espanyol no hablo ingles

  2. Respostas
    1. I don't think so.

      normally, the chances of some download it's ACCUALLY a virus is when is pirate or in a non-secure website

      (sorry for my bad english)

  3. Can you make kids voice? i need i make sound effects for video kids

    1. increase the pitch might make the sound similar to kid sound ( i think )