Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Ares Galaxy

ares galaxy logoAres Galaxy is a file sharer that allows you to share files directly from your computer to the world. You can also download files from other users of the platform and from other users who use P2P software. With it you can download music, videos, software or programs, images. If you ask me: what is the best program or software to download music on the internet? Certainly I would say that this is one of the applications that is at the top and strongly recommend the Ares. You simply enter the name of the song or the name of the singer you want to download and that's it, the application brings you a list of the last mp3s that have been added to the network

This version is for Windows computer and you will download mp3 of your favorite artists without complication. Below I will leave some video tips and also written for you that want to take advantage of the best of this application besides the download option. So, to download, just click the download option and download one of the most recommended software to download music from the internet.


If the download does not start click here

To download de latest version click here

Torrents Files

Do not know which program to use when opening torrent files? Do not worry Ares Galaxy does it for you. The advantage of Ares over other torrent managers is that by itself you search your torrents without the need to open a browser to download the torrent file thus making your work easier when searching for torrents files

Based on this we see that this application is not only a file sharer but also a great torrent manager. So if you liked this brief description of Ares Galaxy feel free to download using the link just above. Remembering that this version is only for Windows

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