Thursday, May 11, 2017

YouTube Creator Studio

youtube creator studio downloadYouTube Creator Studio is an Android application that takes all the important information to manage your YouTube channels to the mobile screen. Just like the desktop version of the service, the app lets you check the popularity of uploaded videos on the channel and engage with fans, among other features.

All video comments come straight from the app, from where you can reply or delete messages left on YouTube. Everything is warned to the user through a central push notifications sent to Android - they can be turned off at any time in the app settings.

YouTube Creator Studio also allows you to check detailed channel audience data. There are performance graphics, video-by-video, and an overall view with views, comments, and likes. You can see the evolution of numbers in weeks, months, years, or totals.

The user can also check the channel's popularity by assisted video time. There are total minutes counted, also organizable in four ways. By default, these statistics collect and display data from the last 28 days of channel activity.

Another interesting feature of YouTube Creator Studio is the ability to edit information from videos directly from your mobile device. Just select a file from the app's home screen to get access to the list of details, such as title, description, link, and privacy (private, unlisted, or public).

Whenever necessary, you can also change the managed channel via the side menu - just click on the arrow next to the name and change the profile. In this way, it is simpler to manage several channels of your own or even clients.

Download Free YouTube Creator Studio for your Android right now and take full control over the interactions and statistics of your videos on YouTube!

Our Opinion

YouTube Creator Studio is a highly anticipated application for those who have active channels on the largest video network in the world, and brings with it some important but basic functionality. It makes it easy to change file details, reply to messages and view numbers, but advanced features are still missing.

For example, it is not possible to edit a published video or even use the app to upload videos to the account. If the app worked like Google+, which seeks to integrate functions from multiple apps in one place, the experience would be more complete. There is, for example, just a button that leads to the YouTube app, nothing more.

However, the simplest and equally important is available and very easy to operate. Notifications are accessible all the time, just like on a social network, so it makes managing your comments much simpler.

The same goes for editing video information. For example, you can upload a video as not listed by the desktop, and then make it public using YouTube Creator Studio. So it is, also, with the title and details of the video.

Overall, although it's not yet the full version expected, YouTube Creator Studio brings many benefits and is already indispensable for any YouTube user, whether casual or especially those who run popular accounts - Google promises , For example support for subtitle contributions and collective funding through the app soon.

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