Monday, October 30, 2017

7 Games on Steam for free to download

In this post we will do something different, we will list here 7 Steam games that are for free, all you have to do to download is to install Steam on your computer and start downloading. All games have been released recently and most of them run on weak computers.

To know a little of the games, we leave at the end of the post a video showing a little of each one of them, so before downloading the games run downstairs to see if it's worth it.

1. Zombidle

imageLike the song says, good guys finish last, and in this case, they also finish homeless and on fire. Welcome to Zombidle, Berzerk Studio's newest idle game, or tap game; whatever, you do you, man.

2. Grimoire

imageA free multiplayer wizard FPS which features six classes to master with thousands of possible spell loadouts. Choose your class of magic, customize your spell book with dozens of abilities, and battle against others for supremacy in FFA or Conquest, or go solo to survive against waves of the undead.

3. Hereafter

imageDeep in an old forgotten laboratory, a failed experiment reboots from its sleep. With no memories, it now must explore the many different areas of the extensive complex with the help of an AI called MUSE. Will it find the light of redemption it longs for, or will it find a dark and terrible truth?

4. The Song of Terminus

the song of terminusA terrible war began from human's desires, causing extreme changes to the world, eventually causing the world tree's energy to become tainted. Two heroes embark on a journey to rejuvenate the world. The player can use different skills by switching between the two heroes facing different enemies.

5. Malzbies Pinball Collection

imageMalzbie’s Pinball Collection presents pinball tables in the style of the 1990s. Completely physically calculated gaming features, realistic graphics, stunning sounds and the animated dot matrix display give the feeling of the good old days back to you!

6. Space Epic Untitled

imageYou’re an asteroid mining pirate on the run from the law, flying a heavily armed space tug in the battle for Mars and booty. Staying alive means keeping one eye out for rival clans, one eye out for Multicorp security, and both hands on the trigger!

7. Coffee Run

imageCoffee Run is a 3D endless runner game in which you run through the city and collect coffee, coffee, and more coffee. The more you drink, the faster you run. Don't let your caffeine meter drop too low or you'll slow to a grinding halt! Also, watch out for the oncoming traffic!

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