Wednesday, May 2, 2018


PlayFulbet (click here to access), is an online betting site. In this system it is possible to place bets on various types of sports such as Football, Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball etc.

By registering at the link above, you receive 1400 points to start your bets. You can bet two ways:

playfulbet what is it, how it works

  • Based on the scoreboard: Where you tell the result of the scoreboard and if you hit, you take a number of points. This way I find it more complicated to hit.
  • Based on hits: In my opinion this is easier, because you do not have to hit the scoreboard, you only have to tell which team will win, or if it will tie. If the team you bet wins, or if you bet on a tie and draw, you win the coins for your bet.

In some situations, you can win the same number of coins that you bet if you win. For example you bet 10000 coins and if you win you win the same 10000 coins.


However, this can be different if the technical quality of the teams is different. Usually betting on the superior team, technically speaking, you earn less, than the value wagered. Let's cite an example:

At the end of the club world championships last year they played Real Madrid and Grêmio.

If you bet 10 000 coins on the Real you would probably win about 3 000 coins as it is very obvious the result. but if you bet on Grêmio
Football Club (believing a miracle) with the same 10 000 coins bet you could win for example 17 000 coins. Recalling that these numbers are just examples. I no longer remember the real value of the bet for this game.

What is the purpose of the system?

Well in my humble opinion the first goal is to have fun. But the system also has some prizes that you can exchange for your points (even I've already redeemed a prize from there). The more points you accumulate, the better the rewards you can exchange.

And if I lose all the coins, what happens?

If you lose all the coins in a bet and stay with zero coins, you can start again because with each login you make, you receive 200 coins. If you enter the system every day, in a week it is possible to earn 1000 coins. But I advise never to throw all your coins in a bet, because as obvious as it is, in soccer happens many unexpected things, and if you bet all your coins and lose, you will have to start all over again, which ends up discouraging a little . So never throw all your coins into a match.

That's it folks, this was another article here of the blog telling a little about the betting system Playfulbet. Anything related to the post, leave a comment just below.

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