Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Free Mouse and Keyboard Recorder

For those who are in front of the computer every day, and do the same job over and over again, the Mouse and Keyboard Recorder software is very useful. It records everything that is done with the mouse so you do not have to repeat all the actions every time you do the same thing on the PC.

Thanks to the system of keys that the system registers for the keyboard, the program can record all actions taken while you hover the mouse and type any type of text or does any type of action. The advantage is that the user can even choose when and the number of times that action taken should be repeated. Thus, the speed of action with which a particular action should be repeated. Remembering that when all this has been set, the computer will take action without user interference.

When you turn on your computer, a few clicks happen almost intuitively. Click the start menu, look for an icon on the desktop, click on your browser ... All this can be done without you touching the mouse. What the Mouse and Keyboard Recorder does is record all the mouse and keyboard movements and repeat all of them at will.

All recordings are listed in the Mouse and Keyboard Recorder window. The user can make all the clicks automatic and make them active you need to use the shortcut (Alt + F3). The system is done as follows: you create a profile, configure the options and with Alt + F1 pressed, just perform an action. Meanwhile the Mouse and Keyboard Recorder records what you are doing. Click Alt + F2 to end the recording.

To download the software click the download option below

Free Mouse and Keyboard Recorder Download


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