Thursday, April 9, 2020

Old Games Group

For those who are looking for a group of What’s app games to connect with various enthusiasts or even professionals in the field, we decided to create the “Old Games Group” on Whats app in order to exchange ideas on the topic.

Here in this group we will talk about games in general, be it old games, games from current platforms like Xbox one, Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4; mobile games and etc.

The goal is to make friends and connect people who share the same tastes about games within the group.

Pay attention to the rules of the group in order not to violate rules and consequently be banned

Group Rules

  • Do not disrespect any member of the group. Each has its preference, and must be respected.

  • Prohibited any action that goes against the rules of the application: Spam, sensitive speech.

  • Disclosure can, but as long as it is on the subject and has to be in moderation so as not to pollute the group visually. Have good sense.

  • Prohibited to post content of other subjects (in excess). If the group is about games we will try to talk only about games.

Group administrators reserve the right to change or add new rules at any time.

If you agree with the rules click below to join the group

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Join the Group

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