Thursday, May 6, 2021

Files Go

It is an application developed by Google that helps you keep your phone lighter and with more space.

The application identifies several files that you don't even use and suggests that you make the decision to delete or not.

With these times of what’s app that many users frantically share messages and videos, your phone can run out of storage in a very short time. So it is essential that you have an application to manage all of this and delete everything when you no longer find space on your Mobile.

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And nothing better than the Android developer itself to develop an app that is integrated with Android itself.

Files Go may be the solution for your lack of space on your phone. The best thing is that it is light: only 12 MB. Of course! It had to be because you are going to install an app to help you have more space and not consume more of it. To download the app and install on your phone click on the download option below

Click Here to Download

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