Sunday, April 24, 2016


audacity-downloadAudacity is a totally free audio recorder, with a very intuitive interface that allows you to capture your computer's microphone or audio system audio, or all the audio that is being run on your computer, either one from audio the internet or other software that is running on your computer producing some kind of sound or sound effect.

We are providing this software for download below, if you want to record some audio, Audacity is a good choice

If you need help installing it on your PC, here's an explanatory video below.

Version 2.1.2
File Size 11 Mb
License Freeware
System Windows
Downloadfom developers page

Useful videos:

Audacity is software that does not allow the export of audio to Mp3. But there is a solution for that. You must download and install a dll inside the program files folder. To do this, download the Lame.dll file and place it inside the plugins folder, which is located in the Audacity folder. To download Lame.dll click on the download option below.

Version 3.993
File Size 198 K
License Freeware
System Windows
Download If does not start click here
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