Saturday, April 14, 2018


What is hitleap?

Hitleap (click here to access) is a system that has as a target audience, bloggers and site administrators. If you ask me what, what is Hitleap good for? I would respond that the proposal of this system is to increase the traffic in pages of blogs and pages of websites by the members themselves. That is, each helping the other to grow in the blogosphere.
I should not deny that theoretically the proposal is good, but does Hitleap really work?

To answer this question we need to get more detailed information about this tool. So let's go!

hitleap traffic exchange and marketing digital 

How does HitLeap work?

When you register on the site, you need to earn minutes. But what are HitLeap minutes? Minutes are the credits you earn for viewing pages of other members of the system. The more page you view, the more minutes (credits you earn). For example: Assuming you view another member's page for 60 seconds. In this case you have already gained 1 minute which will be converted into a traffic minutes for your link (website, blog).


What is hitleap viewer?

It is a software by which you view the pages of other members. To purchase minutes you need to download and install this software on your computer. HitLeap Viewer is available for Windows and Ubuntu system users and can be downloaded by the Download option below.

Systems Windows/Ubuntu 64-bi
File Size 33 mb
Link Download

HitLeap works? Worth it?

I honestly think the traffic generated by the system is very artificial because, once the user opens the application, it will hardly look at the pages displayed by the system. In other words, the user will perform other tasks on the computer and leave the software running in the background.

For those who are looking for numbers within the statistics of websites and blogs is a good deal, but for those who want engagement beyond traffic can be very bad.


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