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Followlike (click here to access) is a system more targeted to the area of digital marketing that targets social users such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It basically works as a system of exchanges, where you like photos, follow people, enjoy other people's posts, and in exchange other people do it for you.

The system is very similar to another well-known digital marketing platform: AddMeFast.

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How does FollowLike work?

All you have to do is accumulate system credits that are called coins. When you enjoy a photo of someone else, follow profiles, follow pages, like page photos, you accumulate coins. The amount of coins accumulated per action depends a lot on what you do on the platform and the amount of coins that each user wants to spend on each of these actions (enjoy, follow etc).

F-o-l-l-o-w-L-i-k-eThe more coins you accumulate is better for you, because you can spend more coins and consequently have more likes and followers on your pages and profiles of these networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud, YouTube etc).

There is no limit of coins, you can accumulate as much as you want, for example I have already accumulated 600 thousand coins before spending, but this goes from each one. There are people who prefer to win and then to spend. At the moment I write this post for example I have 288,638 coins as you can see from the image below.

followlike, coins panel

The way you spend your coins is at your discretion: You can, for example, use to earn tastings on Facebook photos, either on a page or in a personal profile, you can use to have more followers, also on Facebook, both page and profile; you can use to have more tanned and followers on Instagram and Twitter and various other social networks that the system supports.

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What is Followlike?

That's basically it. A social promotion system very similar to AddMeFast. It serves to popularize, pages, profiles, and photos in social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other famous social networks present on the web
To subscribe to Followlike, click here.

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