Thursday, April 18, 2019 (sign up for the link below), is a much-used ad platform for blogging, websites, and shortening links. It is very popular among people who are starting their activities on the internet and want to earn an extra income.

This system has two types of ads:

Interstitial -> What are ads that appear in a transition from one page to another. For example: assuming you click on a link to download something. Before the download begins the system displays a 5 second ad before the download begins. So whoever shortened that link with Adfly will be making money from it.

PopAds -> Ads are shown in browser tabs when the user clicks anywhere on a webpage. This type of ad is a bit more intrusive than the interstitial, but it has higher earnings capabilities.

Widely used by video creators and bloggers, ADFLY is an alternative for those who have not been approved on more popular ad platforms like Google Adsense.

The basic procedure to make money with Adfly is the shortening of links, where an ad is displayed every time an internet user clicks on this link. The more ads that are displayed, the more that the user who has registered the link earns money.

Other platforms similar to Adfly are: Revenuehits, PropellerAds, Adsense etc.

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