Friday, August 12, 2022

Diggy Loot: Treasure Hunt Adventure

Diggy Loot is a game developed and released for the Android platform. It is a digging, adventure, vertical scrolling and puzzle game.

The game has several worlds with different themes and each world contains 20 levels that can be quickly passed.

The main objective is to find the exit at the end of the level. However, the game has 3 extra missions that can vary between getting chests, killing enemies and disarming traps during the stages. There are still some objects you can collect, like trophies and artifact pieces.

Because it has several levels, the game Diggy Loot: Treasure Hunt Adventure Game can take hours to complete, which guarantees a long game play guaranteeing hours of fun.

On Google Playstore the game has a 4.0 rating and already has more than 500k downloads.

To download Diggy Loot: Treasure Hunt Adventure Game click on the download option below.


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