Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Multi Snes9x

It is an SNes emulator developed for Android. Multi Snes9x differs from other emulators for having some especial features, which are:
  • Possibility to play online over the internet beyond playing in LAN using wi-fi network.
With this feature you can play with anyone who is also using this emulator and who has access to a fast internet.
  • One of the players do not need the rom to play.
One the greater advantages of this emulator is that you don't need to have the ROM to join in a game. All you have to is click in the name of the game, in a public room or by invite of a friend and the emulation will begin. But, unfortunately to use this feature both player will need a fast connection.
  • Roms Scan
Some emulators needs that you inform where is the folder that the ROMS are, and the Multi Snes9x has a Scan System, that find all the roms located in your device saving your time.
These are some advantages I found in Multi Snes9x. If you think they are interesting, click the download option just below.
Source: (Playstore)
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