Tuesday, February 23, 2021


It is an online payment processor available in several countries. AirTm has connections to several other payment systems. For example, it is possible to send money from Paypal to Netteler, and vice versa; from Paypal to Skrill and vice versa and also transactions between Netteler and Srill.

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Another very interesting payment system available in this tool is Payonner. With it you can easily transfer your money from Paypal to Payonner and also the other way around. That makes it very interesting if you plan to spend this money on purchases on Payoneer.

AirTm also allows you to buy and sell bitcoin. Remembering that you can transform your money from Payonner, Paypal, Netteller or Skrill for example, easily into bitcoin with the use of this tool. If you want to register or try it, click on the registration option below.

To register for AIRTM Click Here

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