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Adhov (click here to access), is a banner exchange system, which allows the exchange of traffic between users of this system, thus improving the traffic of blogs and members' websites. Soon this system has as public target site administrators and blogs.

You do not need to post your post every time you write something new, once you submit a post, it will be spread while the link is active, with no drop in the number of views.

adhov banner exchange - better traffic to your blog or site

You must enter the platform and copy an HTML code (this code is 300x250 format) that will serve to display banners of other members of the system. Each time this banner is displayed on your site, the number of your impressions increase on your dashboard within the system. The more impressions you accumulate the better, as this will be converted into impressions of your website or blog, on the website or blog of other members of the system.

Check out an example on the site Velhos Cartuchos, on the right side has a banner Adhov website, every time this banner appears to some blog user, my number of impressions are increasing:


You receive the visit you send

Outra coisa interessante sobre o Adhov e outras ferramentas de troca de banners é que você recebe o tanto de visitas que você envia. Neste caso se o seu blog já tem bastante visitas, você vai ter mais visitas ainda. Não existe um número injusto, tipo enviar muitas visitas e receber poucas. Você recebe algo muito próximo do que você envia.

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How to send your banner

First you must choose a post from you. I recommend that you take the best, the one that already has the most visits. Then make a banner in the format 300x250, or another format of your preference (468x60, 728x90, 300x600 or 320x100). Try saying in this banner about what your content is trying to attract the surfer who will see it. Remember that you need to make him curious to click on your banner and visit your website but once the reader visits your page you need to keep him engaged as much time as possible by reading your article.

In a basic explanation Adhov is this. Tools like Adhov and other banner exchange tools have not yet conquered the traffics trading area yet, but the proposal is very good.

Many tools have come up and it is up to us bloggers to publicize them so that in the near future everyone will win.

That's it guys, this was another article here from the blog Sonaje, I hope you enjoyed it. I'm Joninha and recently I watched: PARÓDIA GAMER: Ta Tum Tum do Trevor - YouTube

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